Let me tell you a little about me and my love for this great cat. The Maine Coon Cat came into my life in 1990 when I asked this question, "What is a Maine Coon Cat"? When I responded to an ad in the paper offering Maine Coon kittens for sale. The answer I got that day has forever changed both my opinion of cats, and my life forever. Since that day I have had this wonderful breed living with me and educating me every day about cats, and their wisdom. I started breeding these cats soon after meeting my first one, and can honestly tell you that I would not want to breathe one breath on any day of my life without one of these cats in my life. Many of my feline friends have come and gone over all these years, but all are remembered for their own special uniqueness, and moments that we shared. This Cattery is tucked quietly away in a nice little forested area of NH in Rockingham County. Contact us for an appointment to come by for a visit and to meet some of the wonderful cats that live here!
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Okemo was one of our star breeding males.  He is now retired, and still resides with us.  His new title,.......GREETER, and he is darn good at it.  Just ask anyone who has come to see kittens.  If they sit down he is right in their laps, with head butts, chin rubs, purrs and all that great stuff.​​
​ ( ZAR for short ). He is our new up and coming fabulous stud. His color is cameo tabby/white. In the first picture is he 3 1/2 months old and 61/2 pounds.  In the second picture he is 6 months and 1 week old 9 1/2 pounds. Zar has a wonderful, and 
mischievous temperament.  Zar is very cuddly, and purrrry and one of the best lap warmers since his granddad Okemo was a breeding male.
 â€‹My mom, Kathy, The heart behind Cameowcoons Maine Coon Cats was a very loved woman of great character and reputation who cared about EVERY pet and family she had the pleasure to work with. She has passed to her eternal home with Jesus on January 5, 2020.  Raising Maine Coons and placing them in their forever homes was my mothers passion for 30 years. She would be very hurt and saddened by what has happened with her legacy. Kittens should have been placed as my mother would have to the benefit of her estate and documented accordingly. Replacement kittens were also promised by my mom to very kind people that my mother would have ensured to fulfill her commitments to.  I have made every effort to help things be done properly to no avail, but still working on carrying out my mothers commitments. I will keep in touch with those I am trying to help. I can be reached through my moms email included below. Thank you, Kathy's Daughter #1 Kelly
I request that anyone doing business with any cats belonging to a Cameowcoons Maine Coon Pedigree HONOR my moms memory and abide by Kathy Gagnons Contracts and practices.